Workshop on using standardized word lists in linguistic data collection

The aim of this workshop is to discuss methodogical issues connected with the use of standardized word lists - and more generally: questionnaires - in primary data collection for linguistic research. The workshop is a joint arrangement by the project partners (University of Gothenburg, Uppsala University and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig).

Organizers: Anju Saxena (Uppsala University) and Lars Borin (University of Gothenburg)

Location: Lilla hörsalen, Humanisten, University of Gothenburg (Renströmsgatan 6: map)

Time: Tuesday, 26th October 2010


10.00–10.15 Welcome Lars Borin
10.15–10.30 IDS: The Intercontinental Dictionary Series Bernard Comrie, MPI Leipzig
10.30–11.10 The use of an extended IDS list in the Loanword Typology Project Martin Haspelmath, MPI Leipzig
11.10–11.50 Kinnauri varieties - the lexical evidence Anju Saxena, Uppsala University
11.50–13.00 LUNCH
13.00–13.40 Hot, warm, chilly, cool and cold: On the place of standardized word lists in a lexical-typological study of the temperature domain Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm, Stockholm University
13.40–14.20 Questionnaires as a research methodology Östen Dahl, Stockholm University
14.20–14.40 TEA/COFFEE
14.40–15.20 Where’s the sense in word lists? Lexical typology meets lexical semantics Lars Borin, University of Gothenburg
15.20–16.00 Standardisation versus spontaneity – a fieldworker's perspective Bettina Zeisler, Universität Tübingen
16.00–16.40 Discussion
16.40–16.45 Concluding words Anju Saxena
17.00– Get-together

Registration: Lunch and tea/coffee are included in the workshop. While there is no registration fee for the workshop, for planning purposes registration is obligatory. This can be done by sending an email to <anju.saxena at>. The registration deadline is 13th October, 2010. Please state any dietary preferences when registering.

The workshop program can be downloaded from here.

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