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	title        = {Bland nervdroppar, bakterier och screeningar: om medicinskt språk i Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien},
	abstract     = {In this paper, we report on a comparative pilot investigation concerning medical language in The Contemporary Dictionary of the Swedish Academy (SO). Challenges posed by how general languages
dictionaries treat lemmas commonly used in the field of medicine are identified. We clarify how the field of medicine is presented in the first edition of SO (2009). Comparisons are made between SO
and two Swedish specialist Internet resources. The paper is concluded with a discussion of how the field of medicine can be presented in the second edition of SO.},
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	title        = {Fackspråk i nordiska ordböcker },
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	title        = {Samhällsförändringar ska speglas i Svensk ordbok},
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	title        = {Amatörlexikografiska insatser på sajten Folkmun.se},
	abstract     = {This paper describes the results of a study of the user-generated web dictionary Folkmun.se. The platform was launched in 2007 and contains (December 2016) about 4 600 headwords (lemmas). We analyse how the content of Folkmun.se has developed over time with particular focus on ten contributor aliases and how they have participated in the development of the dictionary. Our study displays some recurrent pattern in how different aliases work. We observe similarities in what kind of words they contribute with and the manner in which they define words. Many lemmas have in common that they are not described in traditional lexicons. Depending on contributor the articles differ in quality regarding both form and content. },
	booktitle    = {Nordiske studier i leksikografi 14 (red. av Á. Svavarsdóttir et al.)},
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