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Information about PE77

PE77 = Banco de Datos de Prensa Española 1977
Spanish Section, Dep. of Romance Languages, University of Göteborg, Sweden

Eleven categories of information are given:

1. Primary disciplinary focus of the project: Linguistics.

2. Secondary interest: language.

3. Time period: 1977.

4. Geographical area: Spain.

5. Genre: Journals.

6. Language encoded: Spanish.

7. The purpose of the Project PE77 is to create electronic texts of the period to facilitate the study of the Spanish language, and also to create utilities for linguistic studies.

8. Base of 1.931.639 tokens (running words), and 71.746 types from the periodicals "El País" and "Triunfo", both from Spain

9. There is about 3,000 articles from periodicals by more than 400 different authors.

10. The running texts are currently available only at University of Göteborg, Dep. of Romance Languages / Spanish, Gothenburg, Sweden.

11. Additional on-line access to the database is possible for research purposes only (NB: non-commercial purposes). Users have to sign an agreement.

The categories used in the electronic codification of PE77 are [in Spanish]:


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