The LSI Database

Sir George Abraham Grierson’s and Sten Konow’s Linguistic Survey of India (LSI; 1903-1927) still remains the most complete source on South Asian languages. Its 21 volumes (9,500 pages) cover 723 South Asian linguistic varieties, representing the four major South Asian language families (Indo-European>Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, Dravidian and Austroasiatic) and some smaller families and language isolates. This database comprises an extensive linguistic feature set extracted using a combination of manual curation and automated processing of the digitized version of the LSI. The database provides a point of departure for a multitude of large-scale lexical and grammatical comparative studies investigating linguistic genealogical, areal and typological traits of South Asia.

The project is partially funded by the Swedish Research Council for the period 2015–2019 (VR dnr 421-2014-969).

The LSI database contains information about: