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SBX Research meetings

Research meetings take place on Thursdays, from 13:15 until fika, and are normally open for everybody at SBX.

Researcher! You are expected to provide scholarly content for at least one slot (provide a draft to be internally peer-reviewed; rehearse a talk; suggest an article to be read and discussed; a problem to be solved jointly...). Write down your suggestion(s) below (I WOULD LIKE TO). Please do that by August 31, 2022.

If you also want something to happen that you yourself cannot do (for instance, have a tutorial on a certain topic), use the I WOULD LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE TO category.


  • invite Tiago Torrent who is currently a guest researcher at GU for a guest talk + discussion (Markus; Sasha)
  • arrange a meeting with FIK (Micke Strömberg) about applying for grants (Nina; Sasha)
  • provide a draft paper for internal peer-review (Sasha; Yvonne): September or October
  • present the new algorithm for much faster searching in Korp (Peter, Nick Smallbone from CSE)
  • invite somebody for an inspirational talk (Nina)
  • be under the sea, in an octopus's garden in the shade (Ringo; Stian)


  • teach us how to use the pretrained models (and more?) using Huggingface (who can do that: Felix)
  • teach us how to create modules (and more?) for Sparv (who can do that: Anne and Martin)
  • teach us something about statistics (define better)
  • teach us something about linguistics (define better)