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Kick-off V2016

On Tuesday the 26th of January 2016 we have our second Språkbanken kick-off.  

13.00-13.45 News in Korp, Karp, the Annotation lab, and Strix 
13.45-15.00 Project presentations (max 10 min each)
 Swe-Clarin (Lars), Culturomics (Nina), Maþir (Gerlof), Koala (Yvonne), UGOT challenges: Centrum för åldrande och hälsa (Dimitrios), Linguistic and extra-linguistic parameters for early detection of cognitive impairment (Dimitrios). 
15.00-15.30 Coffee 
15.30-16.30 Group discussions 
16.30-17.00 Group discussions: reports 
17.00-18.00 Social gathering at LT-gatan