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Karp's Web API

The Karp web API provides a REST-based web service, allowing access to all lexical resources.

Some examples:

Simple search in all text of all lexical entries for the word elefanten, showing the 25 first words:||elefanten

Retrieve the entries of the SALDO morphology containing the wordform elefanten:||and|wf|equals|elefanten&resource=saldom

Retrieve all entries in the Dalin dictionary having the wordform räfvar:||and|wf|equals|räfvar&resource=dalin

Retrieve all information associated to the sense identifier elefant..1, in all resources:||and|sense|equals|elefant..1

The web service allows disjunctive search both on the attributes and the lexicons, e.g., find the information in all resources for the sense identifiers elefant..1 and räv..1:||and|sense|equals|elefant..1|räv..1

The web service further allows conjunctive search, e.g., find the information in all resources for the wordform får and part of speech noun:||and|wf|equals|får||and|pos|equals|nn

Negated search is also possible, e.g., find all entries in saldo which are not nouns||not|pos|equals|nn&resource=saldo

The web service also has a statistical function, e.g., the number of lexical entries in the resources Saldo and Saldom:,saldom

The number of lexical entries grouped by part of speech:,saldom&buckets=pos.bucket

A random word: