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Research meetings

Språkbanken Text's research meetings take place on Tuesdays, from 10:15 until 11.30, and are normally open for everybody at Språkbanken. On some occasions, we invite a broader audience. These public seminars are announced in Språkbankens calendar. The schedule for the spring of 2024 is as follows:
Date Topic Comments
16 Planning meeting (internal)
22 Application seminar SFS
23 Ethics for NLP (FLoV)
30 RJ project deadline
6 Herbert presents earlier work (internal)
13 School holidays
20 Discussing VR application drafts (internal) Also deadline VR Tvärvetensk forskningsmiljö
4-6 Research retreat SFS
5 Deadline VR HS
12 Discussion of Felix & Sasha's draft (internal)
19 Also: EACL
25 Felix final seminar (Monday!)
26 Discussion of Emilie's draft (internal)
2 School holidays
9 Handledarkollegium SBX (closed) Also: deadline VR NT
23 Mini-workshop "Approaches to corpus searches" NB! location J233,
30 St Walpurga's eve
7 (free)
14 CLARIN:EL Speaker: Kanella Pouli, fr Athena RC/ILSP, Greece. Abstract: CLARIN:EL is a Research infrastructure for Language Resources & Technologies (LRTs); it is the Greek part of the European CLARIN ERIC Infrastructure. It provides a multitude of assets related to Language Technology (LT) for and by Social Sciences & Humanities (and beyond), focusing mainly but not exclusively on Greek LRTs. The Central Inventory provides access to corpora, lexica, tools and language descriptions. Users can effortlessly locate desired resources using keywords and filters. Additionally, the infrastructure hosts a Workbench, i.e. a variety of services to process corpora from the Central Inventory or data submitted by registered users. For those eager to contribute their own data, a user-friendly interface enables the creation of metadata records for their resources. All the information regarding the infrastructure, the CLARIN network, and the NLP community in Greece can be found in the user guide, portal, and NLP:EL Knowledge Centre. Brief Bio: Computational Linguist, MSc., KP's work focuses on the design and improvement of repositories, the development and adaptation of metadata schemata for language resource documentation as well as the collection and processing of language resources.
21 No meeting bec. of LREC
28 (free)
4 SBX Retreat
10 Emilie idea seminar (Monday!)
11 Stina Johansson and Lars Kullman from UB About publication points
18 LREC/COLING summary