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Mink privacy and data policy

The data stored in Mink consists primarily of source files and automatically derived annotations. It also consists of corpus metadata and configuration, transitory annotation data, usage logs, as well as your name and email address as received from your identity provider.


All of this data is stored on protected servers in Sweden. Access is granted to research engineers at Språkbanken Text and strictly used only to provide maintenance to the system and support to users on demand.


The newest versions of source files and derived annotations are stored indefinitely. (However, replaced or deleted source files are not kept, and the outputs from one annotation job will replace those of any previous annotation job for the same corpus.) In case we need to restrict retention rules further in the future, we will do our best to reach out to users before deleting any data. Please do not use Mink as the primary storage for any source files!

You can always delete any of your corpora. This will also remove data installed to data exploration tools (Korp and Strix).

If you have questions or requests about your data, please contact us.