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Development versions and prototypes

This is a list of tools from Språkbanken that either aren't done, aren't released or are under active development.



Read Old Swedish texts.


IT-based grammar learning.


Morfologilabbet gives suggestions of inflection tables of words with the help of language technology. Give one or more word forms to get a table.

OCR Engine

An open webservice for OCR that can handle Swedish Blackletter print as well as Roman type print. Developed within the project A free cloud service for OCR.

The Swedish PoliGraph

The Swedish PoliGraph is a semantic graph over politicians in the Swedish parliament, including their roles and presence in the parliament. The whole graph is available as a Prolog application and as a Pengines-server. Additionally, a web demo allows one to search for politicians' names and see what roles they have had, and a filtering that enables one to see what politicians were in the parliament on a given date.

Reference: The Swedish PoliGraph: A Semantic Graph for Argument Mining of Swedish Parliamentary Data


SCOUSE (Senses as COntinUous-vector Space Embeddings) is a tool to map sense representations defined by a semantic network into a distributional word space.

Development versions

These are tools that are under active development. Some of them have been released, but the "labs" listed here are a newer and usually more untested version than the released one.


Tool for searching in corpora. Development version of Korp (tool, documentation).


Tool for annotating text. Development version of Sparv (tool, documentation).


Tool for searching and editing lexicons, or other structured data. Development version of Karp (tool, documentation).

Karp TNG

Tool for searching and editing lexicons. This is new and under development and aims to replace Karp.