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Kick-off H2021

The date for our autumn kick-off meeting is September 8. The meeting starts at 13.00 and will be held online. A Zoom link will be sent to you by email before the meeting. 


13.00–13.20 General information (the directors)
13.20–13.40 The Contemporary Dictionaries of the Swedish Academy at SBX (Kristian Blensenius & Emma Sköldberg)  
13.40–14.00 Break
14.00–14.20 SweDiagnostics: Current Status and Experiments (Felix Morger) 
14.20–14.40 Argumentation mining on machine translated text (Anna Lindahl) 
14.40–15.00 Break 
15.00–15.20 On Extracting Propositions (Stian Rødven-Eide) separate link
15.20–15.40 Cassandra (Sasha Berdicevskis) 
15.40–16.00 Break
16.00–16.20 Rumour mining (Dimitrios Kokkinakis)
16.20–16.40 The outcome of the SuperLim project (Dana Dannélls & Yvonne Adesam) 
16.40 Wrap-up