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Kick-off H2020

The date for our next kickoff meeting is September 10th 2020. It will be a mixed meeting, where you can participate either online via Zoom or on location at Humanisten. A Zoom link will be sent to you by email.

At Humanisten the meeting will take place in J336. We will start with lunch at 12.00 in C314.


12.00–13.00 Lunch at Humanisten in C314 "Gästmatsalen"
13.00–13.10 Join via Zoom or in J336 at Humanisten
13.10–13.20 General information (the directors)
13.20–13.40 Annotating argumentation in Swedish social media (Anna Lindahl)
13.40–14.00 Inference anchoring theory (Stian Rødven-Eide)
~14.00–14.25 Break
14.25–14.45 Automatic spelling modernization in Litteraturbanken (Johan Roxendal)
14.45–15.05 Studying the universality of gender assignment using cross-lingual embeddings (Sasha Berdicevskis)
~15.05–15.50 Break/Fika at Humanisten in the lunchroom of the department
15.50–16.05 A new project about evaluation of Swedish language models (Markus Forsberg)
16.05–16.20 Current work and future plans (Simon Hengchen)
16.20 Wrap-up