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About us

Språkbanken Text is a research unit and also forms part of Nationella språkbanken, a national e-infrastructure supporting research based on language data.

We provide freely available modern and historical Swedish texts in digital formats suitable for research.

We develop language-technology based text analysis tools which enable sophisticated text search applications and allow us to enrich the texts for new kinds of research.

Our own research is conducted in the fields of language technology and artificial intelligence, and we also collaborate on research projects in linguistics, digital humanities and digital social sciences with scholars from other disciplines.

Among our popular research tools we find the corpus tool Korp, providing advanced search functions over the totality of our texts, the lexicon tool Karp, for browsing and search in our lexicons and other formally structured linguistic databases, Sparv for annotation of user-uploaded texts, and many other tools.

We collaborate with Swedish and international research groups, memory and cultural-heritage institutions, schools and enterprises. Established as early as 1975, we are one of the worlds's oldest language-technology R&D units. If you are a newcomer to Språkbanken, a short introduction for new users can be found here.