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OCR of Swedish texts


In this workshop we share our experiences and talk about our ongoing work on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applied to Swedish texts. 

13:00--13:30 OCR at KBLab (Abstract, slides
Robin Kurtz, The National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket, KB)

Workshop om språkteknologi för ett flerspråkigt Europa

Europahuset, våning 2. Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm
Torsdagen 16 maj bjuder Språkbanken Sam och AI Sweden in till en workshop om det arbete som pågår inom projektet Language Data Space (LDS) för att dela data och skapa språkteknologi inom EU. På så sätt skapas nya möjligheter att kommunicera över språkgränserna med hjälp av maskinöversättning och flerspråkiga tjänster för svenska och övriga språk i Europa.

Taming the beast of time by Freek Van de Velde

While historical studies in linguistics and elsewhere took part in the ‘quantitative turn’ of the past few decades, many studies treat ‘time’ as a regular independent variable, on a par with other explanatory factors. While this may be appropriate under specific circumstances, the approach is not without risks. Time is a weird beast, which cannot easily be tamed by enclosing it within a fence of a regression model covariate. In this seminar, I will look at a few techniques that are specifically tailored to dealing with time: time series analysis and survival analysis.

Introduction to regression analysis by Freek Van de Velde

In this introductory seminar, I will explain how regression analysis works, how to set up a regression model, and how to read the output. This technique is the main workhorse in quantitative studies, both in linguistics and elsewhere. I’ll start with linear regression, and proceed to generalized linear modelling (logistic regression, Poisson regression…).

Manfred Stede visits the research meeting

Researcher meeting
Manfred Stede (University of Potsdam) will speak at the research meeting. Title tba, From his homepage:
I am a professor of applied computational linguistics at Potsdam University. My research and teaching activities revolve around issues in discourse structure and automatic text understanding, currently often for research questions from the social sciences. Details on present and past projects, and on research topics can be found on the page of my team: Discourse Research Lab.