Semester workshop H2021

At the end of this semester we are going to have an internal workshop to conclude the semester and tell each other what we have been working with. The date for the workshop is December 14th. The workshop will take place at 13-16 on Zoom followed by a social gathering for those who want. More information will be sent out by email, including a Zoom link.

Preliminary pogramme

13:00The organizersWelcome 
13:28MarkusSuperLim 2.04
13:34ArildSpråkbanken website overhaul5
13:46 Break 
14:00MartinLitteraturbanken - All good things must come to an end™7
14:12RicardoThe correlation between intrinsic and extrinsic biases in hatespeech detection on Spanish tweets9
14:18Anna Messenger mining10
14:24Nina Change is Key!11
14:30Maria & AnneIVIP - All good things must come to an end12
14:40StellanHarmonizing dictionaries: a case study13
14:46 Break 
15:06PeterGender differences in exam revisions 15
15:12Leif-JöranLogging and hidden gems16
15:18FedericaLanguage and Autism. A first attempt at automatic classification of acoustic correlates in Italian-speakers with ASD 17
15:24Shafqat ? 18
 The organizersThe End 

Note: Unfortunately there won't be any time for questions after the presentations due to a tight schedule. If you have any questions, please write them down and contact the presenter afterwards.