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	title        = {Integrating language resources in two OCR engines to improve processing of historical Swedish text.},
	abstract     = {We are aiming to address the difficulties that many History and Social Sciences researchers struggle with to bring in non-digitized text into language analysis workflows. In this paper we present the language resources and material we used for training two Optical Character Recognition engines for processing historical Swedish text written in Fraktur (blackletter). The trained models, resources and dictionaries are freely available and accessible through our web service, hosted at Språkbanken, to enable users and developers easy access for extraction of historical Swedish text a that are only available in images for further processing.},
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	title        = {Linguistics vs. language technology in constructicon building and use},
	abstract     = {In this chapter, we describe the close interaction of linguists and language technologists in the Swedish constructicon project. This kind of collaboration is not so common today, because of the way that language technology has developed in recent decades, but in our case the collaboration has been very successful, and constituted a genuine instance of cross-fertilization, where an evolving language technology infrastructure and a computational lexical macroresource described in the chapter has formed an integral part of the Swedish constructicon development environment, while at the same time the structured linguistic knowledge described in the constructicon has informed the language technology making up the infrastructure.},
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