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Avspark V2017

The forth Språkbanken kick-off meeting is scheduled to be held on February 9, 2017 from 12-19. 


The venue for the meeting is the room K332 (For those who are new, K332 is located at the third floor in the building adjacent to Språkbanken building). 


12.00--13.00 Lunch (in K332) 
13.00--13.30 Welcome and general information (Lars, Markus) 
13.30--14.00 Overview of the research and research projects at Språkbanken (Gerlof) 
14.00--14.30 Overview of the system development at Språkbanken (Dan)
14.30--15.00 Coffee 
15.00--16.00 Working-group discussions: 
 (1) Work place survey (the results will be presented by Leif-Jöran before the kickoff) 
 (2) Retrospection (what has happened since the last kickoff, in relation to our discussions then) 
 (3) Internal communication and technology 
 (4) Any other?  
16.00--17.00 Reports from working-groups and further discussion  
17.00-- Social hour(s) 

Groups for group discussions:

(1) Elena Volodina (Group Leader)
 (2) Anne Schumacher
 (3) David Alfter 
 (4) Jonatan Uppström 
(1) Olof Olsson (Group Leader)
 (2) Lars Borin 
 (3) Luis Nieto Piña 
 (4) Malin Ahlberg 
(1) Shafqat Mumtaz (Group Leader)
 (2) Ildikó Pilán
 (3) Maria Öhrman 
 (4) Markus Forsberg 
 (5) [Dimitrios Kokkinakis]  
(1) Nina Tahmasebi (Group Leader)
 (2) Dan Rosén
 (3) Jacobo Rouces 
 (4) Martin Hammarstedt 
 (5) Stian Rødven Eide