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Korpworkshop 2018

Date: 16th of October 2018

Place: KTH University of Technology in Stockholm. The address is Lindstedtsvägen 24, Stockholm. The name of the room is Fantum and it is on the 5th floor. 

The Korp workshop will take place on the afternoon of the 16th October in Stockholm, starting with lunch at 12 noon. Please find the complete programme here. 

Represent sites from six different countries where a Korp instance has been installed will attend. This international Korp workshop is intended to be a highly interactive event primarily aimed at developers. In addition to participating in the workshop, each group will give a short presentation of their work with and experiences of Korp in the morning of the 17th October in the National Språkbanken autumn workshop. 

Presentations from the workshop:
Korp at the University of Copenhagen
Using Korp for the simplification of Italian professional language (Citpro Project)
The Icelandic Korp Instance
Korp in Tromsø
Kielipankki and Korp