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	title        = {How good are typological distances for determining genealogical relationships among languages?},
	abstract     = {The recent availability of typological databases such as World Atlas of Language Structures
(WALS) has spurred investigations regarding its utility for classifying the world’s languages,
the stability of typological features in genetic linguistics and typological universals across the
language families of the world. In this paper, we compare typological distances, derived from
fifteen vector similarity measures, with family internal classifications and also lexical divergence.
These results are only a first step towards the use of WALS database in the projection of NLP
resources and bootstrapping NLP tools for typologically or genetically similar, yet resource-poor
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	title        = {Properties of phoneme N -grams across the world’s language families},
	abstract     = {In this article, we investigate the properties of phoneme N -grams across half of the world’s languages. The sizes of three different N -gram distributions of the world’s language families obey a power law. Further, the N -gram distributions of language families parallel the sizes of the families, which also follow a power law distribution. The correlation between N -gram distributions and language family sizes improves with increasing values of N . The study also raises some new questions about the use of N -gram distributions in linguistic research, which we hope to be able to investigate in the future.},
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