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SwedishFromScratch: a mini-course for Ukranians

Sweden has received a new wave of refugees - Ukranians. They have sound school backgrounds, good university education, are ambitious and want to work. The Swedish government makes sure that Ukranian refugees get a temporary residence permit and a work permit in a fast application process, which at the moment takes about one month from the application date till decision.

God Jul from the Swedish Word Family

Lexical resources for Natural Language Processing (NLP),  Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and other applied disciplines differ in the choice of the lexical units they use as their main entry. Most widely-spread is use of a lemma, i.e. base form of a word, or a lemgram, i.e. base form + its part of speech (POS), cf François et al. (2016) and Kilgarriff et al. (2014).

Common Pitfalls in the Development of ICALL Applications

This blog is a piece of opinion where I sketch the process of developing NLP-based applications for second language learning and look at the process from the point of view of typical (mis)conceptions and challenges, as I have experienced them. Are we over-trusting the potential of NLP? Are teachers by definition reluctant to use NLP-based solutions in classrooms? How, if at all, can academic universities ensure sustainability of the developed applications?

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