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	title        = {Metadata descriptions and other interoperability standards},
	abstract     = {An important aim of META-NORD is to upgrade and harmonize national language resources and tools in order to make them interoperable, within languages and across languages, with respect to their data formats and as far as possible also as regards their content.
Since resources and to some extent tools will remain in one location – one of a number of META-NORD centers – the preferred way of accessing and utilizing resources and tools will be through metadata and APIs, allowing the assembly of on-the-fly tool-chains made up of standardized component language technology tools, processing distributed – and in many cases interlinked – language resources in standardized formats.},
	author       = {Borin, Lars and Lindh, Jonas and Brandt, Martha and Olsson, Leif-Jöran},
	year         = {2011},