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	title        = {Sibirientyska},
	abstract     = {German in Siberia are transcriptions of German spoken in the region of Krasnoyarsk (Russia). The corpus contains about 34 000 running words. Codeswitching to Russian and verb forms are annotated (Russian word forms in brackets like [vot], finite verb forms (FINIT), infinite verb forms (INFIN)). The transcription and annotation of the corpus have been established in collaboration with the Astafyev University Krasnoyarsk. The corpus is a part of a research project at the University of Gothenburg, see
The data base is currently in the test phase.

	author       = {Andersen, Christiane and Forsberg, Markus},
	year         = {2012},
	publisher    = {University of Gothenburg},
	address      = {Göteborg},