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	title        = {Geographic visualization of place names in Swedish literary texts},
	abstract     = {This article describes the development of a geographical information system (GIS) at Språkbanken as part of a visualization solution to be used in an archive of historical Swedish literary texts. The research problems we are aiming to address concern orthographic and morphological variation, missing place names, and missing place name coordinates. Some of these problems form a central part in the development of methods and tools for the automatic analysis of historical Swedish literary texts at our research unit. We discuss the advantages and challenges of covering large-scale spelling variation in place names from different sources and in generating maps with focus on different time periods. },
	journal      = {Literary & Linguistic Computing},
	author       = {Borin, Lars and Dannélls, Dana and Olsson, Leif-Jöran},
	year         = {2014},
	volume       = {29},
	number       = {3},
	pages        = {400--404},