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	title        = {A Study on Word2Vec on a Historical Swedish Newspaper Corpus},
	abstract     = {Detecting word sense changes can be of great interest in
the field of digital humanities. Thus far, most investigations and automatic methods have been developed and carried out on English text and
most recent methods make use of word embeddings. This paper presents
a study on using Word2Vec, a neural word embedding method, on a
Swedish historical newspaper collection. Our study includes a set of 11
words and our focus is the quality and stability of the word vectors over
time. We investigate if a word embedding method like Word2Vec can be
effectively used on texts where the volume and quality is limited.},
	booktitle    = {CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol. 2084. Proceedings of the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 3rd Conference, Helsinki Finland, March 7-9, 2018. Edited by  Eetu Mäkelä, Mikko Tolonen, Jouni Tuominen },
	author       = {Tahmasebi, Nina},
	year         = {2018},
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