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	title        = {Insights on a Swedish Covid-19 corpus},
	abstract     = {The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on people all over the world, from mental and physical health to economic downturn to education and social relationships, while political decisions in many countries have had a profound impact on the lives of all people regardless of age. Many of these effects can be studied with statistical and qualitative data such as collected questionnaires and sickness absence rates. But large-scale studies require expertise in multiple domains and from many points of view. SpråkbankenText continuously collects text from various sources. In order to fill the gap in the lack of an available Swedish COVID-19-related dataset, we started to build a Swedish COVID-19 corpus (sv-COVID-19). Various tools for e.g. lexical, semantic or pragmatic/discourse analyses can be then applied in order to answer relevant questions on e.g. how people, on a larger scale than what can be obtained through qualitative studies, experienced their everyday life through the different phases of COVID-19 crisis, or how political decisions and their consequences are described and discussed.},
	booktitle    = {CLARIN Annual Conference (Virtual Event). 27 – 29 September 2021. Monica Monachini, Maria Eskevich (red.). s. 31-34},
	author       = {Kokkinakis, Dimitrios},
	year         = {2021},