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	title        = {Swedish Diachronic Corpus},
	abstract     = {The recently compiled Swedish Diachronic Corpus offers access to a total of approximately 16 billion words, covering texts from the 13th century onwards. The corpus contains 14 main genres, with a number of subgenres, compiled from a wide range of sources, including corpus providers and libraries as well as individual researchers and private citizens. All texts in the corpus follow a consistent format, are extensively annotated with metadata, and freely available for download. We firmly believe that the existence of a Swedish diachronic corpus among the resources offered by CLARIN will open up avenues to new, interesting research questions within humanities research, and be a valuable resource for large-scale studies of the Swedish language throughout history – studies that have previously been impossible to conduct in a thorough and consistent manner. Thanks to its embedding in the CLARIN context it also carries the potential to enable broad historical studies from a comparative European perspective.},
	booktitle    = {CLARIN: The infrastructure for language resources},
	editor       = {Darja Fišer and Andreas Witt},
	author       = {Pettersson, Eva and Borin, Lars},
	year         = {2022},
	publisher    = {De Gruyter Mouton},
	address      = {Berlin},
	ISBN         = {978-3-11-076734-6},
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