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	title        = {Parsing linear context-free rewriting systems},
	abstract     = {We describe four different parsing algorithms for Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems (Vijay-Shanker et al., 1987). The algorithms are described as deduction systems, and possible optimizations are discussed.},
	booktitle    = {IWPT'05, 9th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies},
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	title        = {Development of multimodal and multilingual grammars: viability and motivation},
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	title        = {The TALK Grammar Library: an Integration of GF with TrindiKit},
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	year         = {2005},

	title        = {A polynomial time extension of parallel multiple context-free grammar},
	abstract     = {It is already known that parallel multiple context-free grammar
(PMCFG) [1] is an instance of the equivalent formalisms simple literal
movement grammar (sLMG) [2, 3] and range concatenation grammar
(RCG) [4, 5]. In this paper we show that by adding the single operation of
intersection, borrowed from conjunctive grammar [6], PMCFG becomes
equivalent to sLMG and RCG. As a corollary we get that PMCFG with
intersection describe exactly the class of languages recognizable in polynomial
	booktitle    = {LACL-05, 5th Conference on Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics},
	author       = {Ljunglöf, Peter},
	year         = {2005},

	title        = {Multimodal Dialogue System Grammars},
	abstract     = {We describe how multimodal grammars for dialogue systems can be written using the Grammatical Framework (GF) formalism. A
proof-of-concept dialogue system constructed using these techniques is also presented. The software engineering problem of keeping grammars for different languages, modalities and systems (such as speech recognizers and parsers) in sync is reduced by the formal relationship between the abstract and concrete syntaxes, and by generating equivalent grammars from GF grammars.},
	journal      = {Proceedings of DIALOR'05, Ninth Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue},
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