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2nd International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2021 (LChange'21)

12 November 2020

Språkbanken Text, and the project Towards Computational Lexical Semantic Change Detection are organizing a second LChange workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change in August, 2021.

The workshop builds upon its first iteration in 2019, where we received over 50 submissions and had over 65 attendees. Just like the first one, the second LChange workshop will be co-located with ACL (2021).

The call for papers will be similar to last time: all aspects around computational approaches to historical language change with the focus on digital text corpora.  Deadlines will be published on the webpage as soon as they are announced by ACL2021.

Like LChange'19, this edition will host two keynotes, one computationally oriented and one either application or theory oriented.

We are looking forward to your submission and participation!

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