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Program and accepted papers

Room: 'Sala Lisbona' (Total number of seats: 50)

    09:00-12:45 Session A (Chair: Dimitrios Kokkinakis)

09.00-09.10 Welcome and Introduction by Workshop Chair

09.10-09.40 Invited keynote talk A: Dr. Alexandra König, "Novel Digital Speech Biomarker for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease" (onsite)

09.45-10.05 Oral presentation - A1: Semantic-based NLP techniques discriminate schizophrenia and Wernicke's aphasia based on spontaneous speech - Frank Tsiwah, Anas Mayya and Andreas van Cranenburgh

10.10-10.30 Oral presentation - A2: Speech Rate and Salient Syllables Position in Spontaneous Speech of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Valentina Saccone

      Morning Coffee break: 10.30-11.00

11.00-11.20 Oral presentation - A3: Cross-Lingual Examination of Language Features and Cognitive Scores From Free Speech - Hali Lindsay, Giorgia Albertin, Louisa Schwed, Nicklas Linz and Johannes Tröger

11.25-11.45 Oral presentation - A4: Speech and Language Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative Conditions: Developing Cross-Linguistically Valid Tools for Automatic Analysis - Iris E. Nowenstein, Marija Stanojevic, Gunnar Örnólfsson, María Kristín Jónsdóttir, Bill Simpson, Jennifer Sorinas Nerin, Bryndís Bergþórsdóttir, Kristín Hannesdóttir, Jekaterina Novikova and Jelena Curcic

11.50-12.10 Oral presentation - A5: Automatic Detection of Rhythmic Features in Pathological Speech of MCI and Dementia Patients - Marica Belmonte, Gloria Gagliardi, Dimitrios Kokkinakis and Fabio Tamburini

12.15-12.45 Questions or comments to the session's presenters

      Lunch break: 12:45 - 14:00

    14:00-18:00 Session B (Chair: Hali Lindsay)

14.00-14.40 Invited keynote talk B: Prof. Maria Liakata,"Longitudinal language processing for dementia" (onsite)

14.45-15.05 Oral presentation - B1: Harnessing Linguistic Analysis for ADHD Diagnosis Support: A Stylometric Approach to Self-Defining Memories - Florian Raphaël Cafiero, Juan Barrios Rudloff and Simon Gabay

15.10-15.30 Oral presentation - B2: Establishing Control Corpora for Depression Detection in Modern Greek: Methodological Insights - Vivian Stamou, George Mikros, George Markopoulos and Spyridoula Varlokosta

15.35-15.55 Oral presentation - B3: Exploring the Relationship Between Intrinsic Stigma in Masked Language Models and Training Data Using the Stereotype Content Model - Mario Mina, Júlia Falcão and Aitor Gonzalez-Agirre (remote)

      Afternoon Coffee break: 16.00-16.30

16.30-16.50 Oral presentation - B4: A Preliminary Evaluation of Semantic Coherence and Cohesion in Aphasic and Non-Aphasic Discourse Across Test and Retest - Snigdha Khanna and Brielle C. Stark (remote)

16.55-17.15 Oral presentation - B5: Open Brain AI. Automatic Language Assessment - Charalambos Themistocleous  (remote)

17.20-17.40 Oral presentation - B6: Crosslinguistic Acoustic Feature-based Dementia Classification Using Advanced Learning Architectures - Anna Seo Gyeong Choi, Jin-seo Kim [Q&A], Seo-hee Kim, Min Seok Baek and Sunghye Cho (recorded video)

17.45 -17.55 Questions or comments to the session's presenters including Open Forum Discussion

17.55-18-00  Conclusions