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	title        = {Springa flåsande och andra progressiva participkonstruktioner i svenskan.},
	abstract     = {The article focuses on progressive participial constructions, viz. structures with the form verb + verbal present
participle. To date, such constructions have received little attention in grammatical descriptions of Swedish.
On the basis of empirical data, the study provides a characterization of progressive participial constructions
within the framework of Construction Grammar. The constructions are split up into three categories: directive
participial constructions, e.g. komma gående ‘come walking’, locative participial constructions, e.g. bli sittande
‘be(come) sitting’, and additive participial constructions, e.g. springa gråtande ‘run crying’.
The findings suggest that the three types of progressive participial constructions comprise a network of rather
systematic markers of progressive aspect in Swedish. In line with the constructional perspective, analysis of the
data suggests that the encoding of progressive meaning is a constructional rather than a lexical property.},
	journal      = {Språk och stil},
	author       = {Blensenius, Kristian},
	year         = {2009},
	volume       = {19},
	pages        = {172–201},