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	title        = {The SweDat Project and Swedia Database for Phonetic and Acoustic Research},
	abstract     = {The project described here may be seen as a continuation of an earlier project, SweDia 2000, aimed at transforming the database collected in that project to a full-fledged e-science database. The database consists of recordings of Swedish dialects from 107 locations in Sweden and Swedish speaking parts of Finland. The goal of the present project is to make the material searchable in a flexible and simple way to make it available to a much wider sector of the research community than is the case at present. The database will be accessible over the Internet via user-friendly interfaces specifically designed for this type of data. Other more specialized research interfaces will also be designed to facilitate phonetic acoustic research and orientation of the database.},
	journal      = {Proceeding   E-SCIENCE '09 Proceedings of the 2009 Fifth IEEE International Conference on e-Science},
	author       = {Lindh, Jonas and Eriksson, Anders},
	year         = {2009},
	pages        = {45--49},