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	title        = {Using FrameNet in Communicative Language Teaching},
	abstract     = {This article describes how a lexical database such as FrameNet in its different language versions can be used for communicative language teaching, an approach which focuses on communicative rather than grammatical competence. Using the semantic frames of FrameNet to illustrate situations on which to base teaching can bring about a natural flow in the organisation of teaching materials, in syllabus construction, and in the planning of individual lessons. FrameNet can also support language students in learning to communicate in different situations. The frames can guide them in choosing lexical units and sentence patterns.},
	booktitle    = { Proceedings of the XV EURALEX International Congress in Oslo, Norway},
	author       = {Friberg Heppin, Karin and Friberg, Håkan},
	year         = {2012},
	ISBN         = {978-82-303-2228-4},