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	title        = {Use of support verbs in FrameNet annotations},
	abstract     = {This article discusses the frame  emantic annotations done in the Swedish FrameNet (SweFN) at the Centre for Language Technology (CLT) at the University of Gothenburg. The annotations are made manually, and result in full-coded frames. These are conceptual structures representing the description of types of situations, objects or events. We focus on annotations where verbs combine with nouns to produce predicates, e.g. göra 'make' in göra uppehåll ‘make a pause.’ These verbs are called support verbs, and the corresponding constructions support verb constructions (SVC). Not all verb-noun-combinations are SVCs, and adequate defining features are required to identify eligible SVCs. The focus of this paper is to scrutinize the criteria through which this aim can be achieved. Working at the CLT, we have access to a variety of computational research tools and a large Swedish text corpus. These resources buttress the annotation by showing, among other things, frequential properties of verb-noun combinations. We also discuss lexico-semantic features of the Swedish language as revealed through annotations.},
	booktitle    = {Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: thinking outside the paper. Proceedings of the eLex 2013 conference, 17-19 October 2013, Tallinn, Estonia.},
	author       = {Voionmaa, Kaarlo and Friberg Heppin, Karin},
	year         = {2013},