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	title        = {operAVoX - On PErson RApid VOice eXaminer},
	abstract     = {At present, objective analysis of voice quality using acoustic parameters is only possible within a voice laboratory using specialist hardware and software. We have developed an easy-to-use portable voice analysis and feedback application running on the Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. OperaVOX™ combines the signal processing power, easy connectivity, user-friendly interface, high-quality microphones and portability of these handheld devices with novel acoustic voice analysis algorithms to provide a powerful voice quality measurement tool that you can carry in your pocket. OperaVOX™ is designed for anyone who is interested in measuring the quality of their voice, such as a patient recovering following a stroke, a professional voice user such as singers or an aspiring actor. Built into OperaVOX™ are the validated Voice Handicap Index questionnaires and the ability for the user to record their voice for acoustic and perceptual analysis both on board the device and externally in the voice laboratory. Furthermore, the user can instruct OperaVOX™ to automatically and confidentially send these data via email to their speech therapist, voice coach or researcher team. OperaVOX™ makes it easy for everyone to accurately measure changes in the quality of their voice every hour, day, or week and without having to travel to the hospital. Two versions of OperaVOX™ will soon be available on the Apple App Store, one for the general public and another for professionals such as speech and language therapists. We have also worked with world-leading University research teams both in the UK and North America to develop bespoke versions of OperaVOX™ specifically tailored for their research and clinical requirements.},
	booktitle    = {5th national Conference in Logopedics},
	author       = {Hughes, Owain Rhys and Alexander, Anil and Forth, Oscar and Lindh, Jonas},
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