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	title        = {Exploiting FrameNet for Swedish: Mismatch?},
	abstract     = {This paper presents work on developing Swedish FrameNet (SweFN) as a resource analogous to the original Berkeley-based FrameNet. We describe the theoretical and practical basics of FrameNet, and articulate some multilingual issues that arise in expanding a linguistic resource from one language to another. SweFN uses FrameNet as a starting point in order to save time and effort, and to make it compatible with other FrameNet-based resources. The lexical units are from the pivot lexicon SALDO, making SweFN compatible with other resources of the larger project SweFN++. It is a corpus-based resource, meant to support tasks within natural language processing relying on semantic data.},
	journal      = {Constructions and Frames},
	author       = {Friberg Heppin, Karin and Toporowska Gronostaj, Maria},
	year         = {2014},
	volume       = {6},
	number       = {1},
	pages        = {52--72},