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	title        = {Flerspråkighet och språkväxling i skönlitteratur på svenska: att analysera kontexten för litterära verk},
	abstract     = {The cooperating research projects Language variation in text at the University of Vaasa, Finland, and Language, Society and Literature at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, are concerned with multilingualism in literary works in which the dominant language is Swedish, interpolated with other languages and/or other linguistic varieties. Empirical research is conducted on contemporary Finnish and Swedish literature, in which Finnish, Meänkieli and other languages and linguistic varieties occur. In addition, the research projects develop theoretical and methodological tools for analysing and describing multilingualism in fiction more generally. This article presents a model for analysing literary works and their context(s) by means of four components: society, sender, receiver and text, including themes of literary works. The model proposed is based on Landqvist and Björklund (2014), who evolve a model by Eriksson and Haapamäki (2011). Here, a revised version of the model in Landqvist and Björklund (2014) is presented in which the concepts ‘translanguaging’ and ‘heritage language’ are suggested as tools for analysing multilingual literary works (cf. García & Wei 2014 on translanguaging in literary works).},
	booktitle    = {Språkmöten och skönlitteratur. Perspektiv på litterär flerspråkighet. Redigerad av Siv Björklund och Harry Lönnroth. },
	author       = {Landqvist, Hans and Tingsell, Sofia},
	year         = {2016},
	publisher    = {VAKKI},
	address      = {Vaasa},
	ISBN         = {978-952-68538-1-9},
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