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	title        = {The PROIEL treebank family: a standard for early attestations of Indo-European languages},
	abstract     = {This article describes a family of dependency treebanks of early attestations of Indo-European languages originating in the parallel treebank built by the members of the project pragmatic resources in old Indo-European languages. The treebanks all share a set of open-source software tools, including a web annotation interface, and a set of annotation schemes and guidelines developed especially for the project languages. The treebanks use an enriched dependency grammar scheme complemented by detailed morphological tags, which have proved sufficient to give detailed descriptions of these richly inflected languages, and which have been easy to adapt to new languages. We describe the tools and annotation schemes and discuss some challenges posed by the various languages that have been annotated. We also discuss problems with tokenisation, sentence division and lemmatisation, commonly encountered in ancient and mediaeval texts, and challenges associated with low levels of standardisation and ongoing morphological and syntactic change.},
	journal      = {Language Resources and Evaluation},
	author       = {Eckhoff, H. and Bech, K. and Bouma, Gerlof and Eide, K. and Haug, D. and Haugen, O. E. and Johndal, M.},
	year         = {2018},
	volume       = {52},
	number       = {1},
	pages        = {29--65},