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	title        = {Time-Out: Temporal Referencing for Robust Modeling of Lexical Semantic Change },
	abstract     = {State-of-the-art models of lexical semantic change detection suffer from noise stemming from vector space alignment. We have empirically tested the Temporal Referencing method for lexical semantic change and show that, by avoiding alignment, it is less affected by this noise. We show that, trained on a diachronic corpus, the skip-gram with negative sampling architecture with temporal referencing outperforms alignment models on a synthetic task as well as a manual testset. We introduce a principled way to simulate lexical semantic change and systematically control for possible biases. },
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	title        = {Finding Individual Word Sense Changes and their Delay in Appearance},
	abstract     = {We  present  a  method  for  detecting  word sense  changes  by  utilizing  automatically
induced word senses.  Our method works on  the  level  of  individual  senses  and  allows a word to have  e.g. one stable sense and then add a novel sense that later experiences  change.
Senses  are  grouped based on polysemy to find linguistic concepts and we can find broadening and narrowing as well as novel (polysemous and homonymic)  senses. We  evaluate  on  a testset, present recall and estimates of the time between expected and found change.},
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