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	title        = {Revision av konstruktionsuppgifter i Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien},
	abstract     = {The article presents an overview of considerations made in the process of revising verbal constructional patterns in the monolingual defining dictionary Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien (‘The Contemporary Dictionary of the Swedish Academy’). The digital format of the dictionary makes it possible to provide extended, and at the same time more user-friendly, information on different combinatorial patterns, and also on their relation to syntactic examples.},
	journal      = {LexicoNordica},
	author       = {Blensenius, Kristian},
	year         = {2019},
	number       = {26},
	pages        = {203–223},

	title        = {Improving Dictionaries by Measuring Atypical Relative Word-form Frequencies},
	abstract     = {In this article, we discuss and give examples of how word-form frequency information derived from  existing  corpora  statistics  can  be  used  to  improve  dictionary  content.  The  frequency information is used in combination with rule-based morphological data based on derivational and  inflectional  information  from  the  Swedish  Morphological  Database  compiled  at  the University  of  Gothenburg,  and  the  lexical  database owned  by  the  Swedish  Academy.  The method  currently  used  in  the  ongoing  project  for  updating  the  monolingual  Contemporary Dictionary  of  the  Swedish  Academy  is  described,  and  some  examples  of  dictionary  entries identified as candidates for update based on frequency measures are given. Different aspects of morphological  dictionary  content  are  discussed  and highlighted  by  comparison  between  the above-mentioned  definition  dictionary  and  a  learner’s  dictionary.  The  role  of  headword  or lemma as well as cross-referencing methods in a digital dictionary as compared to a printed dictionary  is  also  discussed.  Finally,  a  few  examples  of  suggested  modifications  and enhancements are given.},
	booktitle    = {Kosem, I., Zingano Kuhn, T., Correia, M., Ferreria, J. P., Jansen, M., Pereira, I., Kallas, J., Jakubíček, M., Krek, S. & Tiberius, C. (eds.). Electronic lexicography in the 21st century. Proceedings of the eLex 2019 conference. 1–3 October 2019, Sintra, Portugal},
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	title        = {Änder har knarkat längre än vi},
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