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	title        = {Supervised OCR Post-Correction of Historical Swedish Texts: What Role Does the OCR System Play?},
	abstract     = {Current approaches for post-correction of OCR errors offer solutions that are tailored to a specific OCR system. This can be problematic if the post-correction method was trained on a specific OCR
system but have to be applied on the result of another system. Whereas OCR post-correction of historical text has received much attention lately, the question of what role does the OCR system play for the post-correction method has not been addressed. In this study we explore a dataset of
400 documents of historical Swedish text which has been OCR processed by three state-of-the-art OCR systems: Abbyy Finereader, Tesseract and Ocropus. We examine the OCR results of each system and present a supervised machine learning post-correction method that tries to approach
the challenges exhibited by each system. We study the performance of our method by using three evaluation tools: PrimA, Språkbanken evaluation tool and Frontiers Toolkit. Based on the evaluation analysis we discuss the impact each of the OCR systems has on the results of the post-
correction method. We report on quantitative and qualitative results showing varying degrees of OCR post-processing complexity that are important to consider when developing an OCR post-correction method.},
	booktitle    = {Proceedings of the Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries, 5th Conference, Riga, Latvia, October 21-23, 2020 / edited by Sanita Reinsone, Inguna Skadiņa, Anda Baklāne, Jānis Daugavietis },
	author       = {Dannélls, Dana and Simon, Persson},
	year         = {2020},
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