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	title        = {To discriminate between discrimination and inclusion: a lexicographer’s dilemma},
	abstract     = {The overall theme of this paper is the balance between descriptive adequacy and discrimination in dictionaries. More specifically, the purpose is to describe the process of revising dictionary articles related to the grounds of discrimination in the forthcoming edition of the  Swedish  monolingual  dictionary  Svensk  ordbok utgiven  av  Svenska  Akademien  [The Contemporary  Dictionary  of  the  Swedish  Academy], which is expected to be published in 2020. The focus of the article is on the semantic fields related to sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age. Updates of the lemma list, based on a more  diverse  data  set,  are  presented.  Furthermore,revisions of definitions and linguistic examples,  motivated  by  the  new  data  and  principles of inclusion,are shown. We also discuss usage labels of negatively charged words and explore cross-references and their role in facilitating non-discriminatory word choices. Moreover, methodological questions are raised, and the role of corpora and other data gathering methods are considered.},
	booktitle    = {Euralex2020. Proceedings Book, volume 1. 7-11 September 2021. Zoe Gavriilidou, Maria Mitsiaki and Asimakis Fliatouras (eds.). },
	author       = {Petersson, Stellan and Sköldberg, Emma},
	year         = {2020},
	publisher    = {European Association for Lexicography},
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