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	title        = {A lexical resource for computational historical linguistics},
	abstract     = {In this chapter we present the diachronic dimension of Swedish FrameNet++. We describe the historical lexical resources currently available for Swedish, linked to the Contemporary Swedish lexicon Saldo. We present a case study of how interlinking the dictionaries simultaneously allows us to study lexical change. We also present a method of linking text words to lexicon entries, facilitating interactive exploration of historical texts. Diachronical language resources present both a high-variation challenge from a wider language technology perspective, and an interesting object of linguistic study. While a number of improvements of the parts of the diachronic lexical macroresource are still needed, this resource is invaluable for analysing and accessing historical texts, as well as for both synchronic historical and diachronic lexical studies.},
	booktitle    = {The Swedish FrameNet++. Harmonization, integration, method development and practical language technology applications},
	author       = {Adesam, Yvonne and Andersson, Peter and Borin, Lars and Bouma, Gerlof},
	year         = {2021},
	publisher    = {John Benjamins Publishing Company},
	address      = {Amsterdam / Philadelphia},
	ISBN         = {978 90 272 5848 9},
	pages        = {98–121},