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	title        = {Organisationer, frågor och (an)svar – Institutionellt terminologiskt samarbete mellan Sverige och Finland 1975–1998},
	abstract     = {This article describes and analyses the contacts between the Swedish and Finnish national terminology organisations between the 1970s and the 1990s. The Swedish Tekniska nomenklaturcentralen TNC (1941–2018; 2000–2018 Terminologicentrum TNC) was Sweden’s national center for special languages and terminology work for more than 75 years. Since its founding in 1941, the TNC was active not only in Sweden, but also in establishing and maintaining international contacts. The Finnish Centre for Technical Terminology TSK (after 2004 Finnish Terminology Centre TSK) was founded in 1974. The research material used is the collection of correspondence in the TNC’s document archive, in particular the section stored with the code “Ufin”, i.e., letters (N=98) documenting written communication between the TNC and the TSK. The article describes the topics covered in the communication, the individuals involved, the objectives and consequences of the communication and the results achieved. In a quantitative analysis, the themes of the letters are categorized in four main categories: publications, communication, information, and language issues. In a qualitative analysis, a specific terminological issue in the field of wood technology is analysed by close reading and content analysis. Finally, further studies, which complete the picture of terminological co- operation on institutional level in the Nordic countries, are proposed.},
	journal      = {Responsible Communication. VAKKI Publications. Eds H. Katajamäki, M. Enell-Nilsson, H. Kauppinen-Räisänen & H. Limatius },
	author       = {Landqvist, Hans and Nissilä, Niina and Pilke, Nina and Sjöberg, Sannina},
	year         = {2022},
	volume       = {14},
	pages        = {89–104},