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	title        = {Gender equality and/or inequality? Female and male translators in a Swedish digital encyclopaedia of translators},
	abstract     = {This article presents a study of publicly available Svenskt översättarlexikon ‘The Swedish Encyclopaedia
of Translators’ (SwET 2009), most probably the first digital encyclopaedia of translators.
The study is situated in the fields of the sociology of translators, (literary) translator studies, and
translation history, and focuses on how female translators are described, characterized and evaluated
in the version of SwET from 2022. Three research questions are addressed in the paper: (1)
What is the ratio of entries presenting female and male translators in the SwET? (2) What is the
quantitative treatment of the partners in the sub-category “Translator Couples”? (3) And what are
the descriptions, characterizations and evaluations of the partners in that sub-category? In response
to the three RQs, the same three situations emerge: (a) gender equality and inequality, (b) gender
equality, and (c) gender inequality. Possible explanations for the results reported are presented and
discussed. Finally, proposals for future studies of digital translator encyclopaedias are presented.},
	journal      = {Stridon. Journal of Studies in Translation and Interpreting},
	author       = {Landqvist, Hans},
	year         = {2023},
	volume       = {3},
	number       = {1},
	pages        = {93--114},