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	title        = {Interjektioner som lexikografisk utmaning. En fallstudie av interjektioner med engelskt ursprung utifrån Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien},
	abstract     = {In this article, a qualitative and, to some extent, comparative metalexicographic case study is reported. The study will answer two research questions: (1) How are the interjections "sorry", "shit" and "wow" described in The Contemporary Dictionary of the Swedish Academy (SO) compared to the corresponding dictionary articles in The Danish Dictionary (DDO) and the Norwegian Academy’s Dictionary (NAOB) and how can the SO descriptions be developed?; (2) How can the interjections "yes", "nice/najs" and "woho/wohoo" be analyzed and then described in new dictionary articles in an updated version of SO? The point of departure for answering both RQs is a number of information categories that are common in dictionary articles. Furthermore, the use of the current interjections in contemporary corpora and text collections for Swedish are crucial for the investigation. The results of the study show that interjections as a category implies several challenges for lexicographers regarding information about their spelling, pronunciation, and inflection, meaning, language examples, usage comments as well as information about their establishment, origin, and kinship. Finally, some suggestions are presented for how the description of interjections in the dictionary can be developed.},
	journal      = {ASLA:s skriftserie/ASLA Studies in Applied Linguistics},
	author       = {Landqvist, Hans and Sköldberg, Emma},
	year         = {2024},
	volume       = {31},
	pages        = {26--55},