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	title        = {Elektroniska ordböcker i Sverige: nutid och framtid},
	abstract     = {The article Swedish electronic dictionaries: the present and the future aims at a survey of the state of art concerning electronic dictionaries in Sweden. The focus is on CD-ROM dictionaries, mainly defining ones, and their functionalities of technical and conceptual character. It is assumed here that the content, structure and functionalities of the electronic dictionaries of today can make a relevant contribution to designing the truly electronic dictionaries of the future. Some proposals for extending the content of the next generation dictionaries are suggested. The question of using a more sophisticated structural and functional access to the information is also discussed.},
	journal      = {LexicoNordica},
	author       = {Toporowska Gronostaj, Maria},
	year         = {2005},
	volume       = {12-2005},
	pages        = {87--107},