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End of the year workshop 2022

At the end of 2022 we have an internal workshop to conclude the semester and tell each other what we have been working with.

 The date for the workshop is December 14th. The workshop will take place in C314 at 13–aprox.16.30. More information will be sent by email.


Time Presenter Title  
13:00 The organizers Welcome 0
13:04 Markus Forsberg The BFI working group 1
13:10 Arild Matsson Mink demo 2
13:16 Arianna Masciolini Querying L1-L2 treebanks 3
13:22 Aleksandrs Berdicevskis Cassandra's toolset 4
13:28 Elena Volodina Grandma Karl - the gist of the environment on pseudonymization research 5
13:34 Dimitrios Kokkinakis An exploratory data analysis of Swedish tweets about the mRNA-vaccine 6
    Short break  
13:50 Yousuf Ali Mohammed Strix 7
13:56 Dana Dannélls Jubilee Archive/Jubileumsarkivet 8
14:02 Yvonne Adesam Social media, fast track for language change? 9
14:08 Stellan Petersson Novel words: a lexicographic case study 10
14:14 Lars Borin What is ... and what ought to be 11
14:20 Kristian Blensenius & Louise Holmer Valenciesisar 12
15:00 Anna Lindahl Annotation of political tweets 13
15:06 Jonatan Uppström Client side database in Karp 14
15:12 Felix Morger SuperLim on HuggingFace 15
15:18 Niklas Zechner The Other SAT-Solver 16
15:24 Peter Ljunglöf Omordligbarhet: Rewordable på svenska 17
15:30 Ann Lillieström Automatically detecting neologism candidates 18
15:36 Anne Schumacher Mink backend 19
15:42 Martin Hammarstedt Bird Configuration 20
15:48 The organizers The End  
    Christmassy fika  

Note: Unfortunately there won't be any time for questions after the presentations due to a tight schedule. If you have any questions, please write them down and contact the presenter afterwards.