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Semester workshop V2021

At the end of this semester we are going to have an internal workshop to conclude the semester and tell each other what we have been working with.

The workshop will take place online on June 10th at 13:00–16:00. A Zoom link will be sent to you by email.


Time Presenter Title  
13:00 The organizers Welcome  
13:04 Markus Gröna boken: The NLP researcher’s guide to the Swedish law? 0
13:10 Maria Korp frontend - improving corpus configuration 1
13:16 Samir From SweLL data to SwedishGlue dataset(s): format, conversion and initial experiments  2
13:22 Elena Swedish L2 Profile (Lexical, Morphological, Word Family): User Interface for searches and analysis  3
13:28 Dana Towards SweFN v1.0 4
13:34 Sasha Linguistic convergence in social networks 5
13:40 Jenny The new Productivity Platform (Samarbetsverktyget) 6
13:46   Break  
14:00 Dimitris (Swedish) Sentiment Analysis- Resources and experiments 7
14:06 Simon Topic models, topic models, and even more topic models 8
14:12 Anne & Martin Sparv update 9
14:18 Arild Message not delivered slides 10
14:24 Peter Crosswords + word embeddings = crossword embeddings 11
14:30 Emma & Louise The Swedish Academy's contemporary dictionaries 12
14:40 Lars Himalayan linguistic prehistory in a new light 13
14:46   Break  
15:00 Niklas Catta 14
15:06 Gerlof Eukalyptus v1.0  15
15:12 Anna Argumentation mining on machine translated data 16
15:18 Felix Current status of SuperLim Diagnostics 17
15:24 Shafqat Post-OCR Error Detection  18
  The organizers The End  

Note: Unfortunately there won't be any time for questions after the presentations due to a tight schedule. If you have any questions, please write them down and contact the presenter afterwards.