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End of the year workshop 2023

At the end of 2023 we have an internal workshop to conclude the year and tell each other what we have been working with.

The date for the workshop is December 13th. The workshop will take place in C314 at 13–aprox.16.30. More information will be sent by email.


13:00The organizersWelcome0
13:04Emilie Francis Textual Analysis of Deceptive and Credible News1
13:10Staffan MelinMake a logo with free software!2
13:16Yousuf Ali MohammedStrix3
13:22Ann Lillieström, Kristian Blensenius, Stellan Petersson  Finding pragmatic comments in SAOL & SO4
  Short break 
13:50Aleksandrs BerdicevskisA sociolinguistic conveyor belt5
13:56Nick SmallboneNick Smallbone6
14:02Dana DannéllsTowards Swedish FrameNet 2.07
14:08Maria Irena SzawernaDetecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) 8
14:14Markus ForsbergKBLab’s workshop "BERTopic for Swedish" in five minutes9
14:20Anne SchumacherCreating a corpus of Xhosa10
14:26Herbert LangeFederated Login11
15:00Shafqat Mumtaz VirkRevealing Semantic Variation In Swedish  Using Computational Models Of Semantic Proximity12
15:06Dimitrios KokkinakisExploratory Language Analysis using [R] Jupyter Labs13
15:12Hans LandqvistReflections of society in SAOL (2014): how to deal with them in SAOL (2025)?14
15:18Arild MatssonUser-testing Mink15
15:24Elena VolodinaKAW proposal on Hybrid Intelligence16
15:30Leif-Jöran OlssonAn evaluation of vector databases17
15:36Arianna MascioliniEn liten stund om STUnD18
15:42Ricardo Muñoz SánchezName Biases in Automated Essay Assessment19
15:48Johan RoxendalClustering with Word Embeddings in Litteraturbanken20
15:54Marica Belmonte Landmark based speech analysis with SpeechMark21
16:00Peter LjunglöfTeaching algorithms using word ladders22
16:05The organizersThe End23
  Christmassy fika 

Note: Unfortunately there won't be any time for questions after the presentations due to a tight schedule. If you have any questions, please write them down and contact the presenter afterwards.