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Semester workshop H2020

At the end of this semester we are going to have an internal workshop to conclude the semester and tell each other what we have been working with. The date for the workshop is December 17th. The workshop will take place via Zoom. More information will be sent out later on, including a Zoom link.



Time Presenter Title  
13:00 The organizers Welcome  
13:04 Markus Two become one again 0
13:10 Felix Peeking Into the Black Box of Today's NLP: Trends, Insights and What to Look Forward To. 1
13:16 Dimitrios A (new) Swedish COVID-19 corpus (sv-COVID-19) 2
13:22 Sasha SwedishGLUE 3
13:28 Dana The Swedish FrameNet++ book 4
13:34 Peter Analysis of gender bias in texts from Chalmers and GU 5
13:40 Yvonne SBX teaching 6
13:46   Break  
14:00 Jenny Communication 7
14:06 David Crowdsourcing relative difficulty rankings of single words 8
14:12 Lars Back to basics 9
14:18 Niklas Strindberg, and other things that ruin text classification 10
14:24 Johan Relevance in Litteraturbanken's catalog search 11
14:30 Anne & Martin Sparv again... 12
14:40 Anna Argumentation annotation 13
14:46   Break  
15:00 Samir Automatic morphological annotation 14
15:06 Gerlof MAÞiR Words and Trees 15
15:12 Arild

Projects at Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH)

15:18 Nina
RJ program -- a pitch on The study of contemporary and historical societies using methods for Synchronic language variation and Diachronic language change
15:24 Leif-Jöran Making our resources findable as well as personal with Nextcloud, PIDs and the metadata repository 18
15:30 The organizers The End  

Note: Unfortunately there won't be any time for questions after the presentations due to a tight schedule. If you have any questions, please write them down and contact the presenter afterwards.